Welcome to Green Park Lawn Sprinklers

Green Park Company is one of the largest and most successful irrigation installation and service organizations in the United States.

Working out of the Central New Jersey area, we offer a wide range of services from Installation to Sprinkler Repair.

Shopping for an irrigation system can be difficult. An educated consumer is our best customer. Make sure the quotes you get are from licensed irrigation contractors. They should have a plumbing or irrigation installation and service license. Insist your contractor take out the necessary permits. There are many issues such, but not limited to, water contamination, which can be addressed by proper permitting and inspection.

Green Park has the distinction of installing the largest residential system in the United States. We have been in the business for over 40 years, installing and servicing underground lawn sprinklers. To date, we have installed over 15,000 lawn sprinklers.

If you are interested in having us give you an estimate for a new sprinkler system, or need immediate service or repair to your existing lawn sprinkler system, please reach out to us at 908-241-8198.